Social Media Advertising

Let us manage your paid social campaigns so you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Facebook Ads

We use the most proven Facebook Ad tactics to ensure you get the best ROI on your campaign. Not to mention we integrate great platforms like click funnels and drip to make sure we not only get more customers through your door, but also help you build you email list along the way. 

Instagram Ads

Have a business that is more aesthetically inclined like a salon or tattoo parlor? Then a strategized Instagram campaign may be what you need to drive some more high-quality clients through your business’ doors. We can help!

Twitter Ads

Is your target demographic millennials and younger people? Then we will leverage twitter ads to specifically place your business’ in front of their face. Not to mention we can target people down to their interests, age, etc.

So How Does It Work?

Ever since social media platforms have begun to incorporate ads into their platforms it has made traditional advertising essentially obsolete. For example, why would you advertise on the radio or on a billboard and pay to put your ad in front of thousands of people who are not interested at all? When instead, with social media advertising, you can place your ad directly in front of people who you know are interested in your business.

Furthermore, let’s say hypothetically you on a jewelry store in Lower Manhatten. Now, you could buy a billboard spot and pay a thousand dollars a day to run your ad in front of thousands of people who are not interested. Or you can run a targeted Facebook Ad campaign which is only going to show your ad to people within 20 miles of your store, who are between the age of 22-28, who have also recently got engaged, or who have recently like images of wedding rings, etc., etc. and the list goes on and on. Or for example, you can only market your ad to customers who have recently liked your page.

This is why Social Media Ads produce massive ROI and growth versus that of traditional advertising.


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